Ladie K Mraz is an experienced model, actress, writer, filmmaker, and 3x CEO
based in Chicago. 

Ladie K strives to promote free will and self-expression among minorities and women in the media. Born in South Korea, she later would move to the United States and quickly established a name for herself as a unique and creative individual.

Instantly upon her arrival to the states, Katharin began traveling full-time as a model, actress, and spokesperson.  In between travels, Katharin began producing her own projects, writing independent films, and networking with some of the finest filmmakers and directors in the Chicago market. She spends her free time helping young models and filmmakers push themselves towards their goals while maintaining a professional freelance career in film, motion picture, and in the print world.

Ladie K Productions

Ladie K Productions is a media, marketing, and production
company based in Chicago. They strive to create socially
responsible and progressive media while setting new
standards in the entertainment industry and media.

Smart Pretty Designs

Smart Pretty Designs is a production art and design
company specializing in television, film, and print.
Credits include production designer, costume designer,
makeup artist, hair stylist, set designer, and wardrobe stylist. 

Creative Works Media

Creative Works Media is a media company focusing
on helping women, children, and minorities in the
entertainment industry connect with female or
minority owned businesses. 


my sourcesKatharin Mraz is the among the hardest working, most thoughtful and brilliant individuals in the entertainment industry. She does it all, and she does a damn good job too. With her keen eye for production design, over 20 years of experience as an actress, and a penchant for visual storytelling, Katharin’s involvement on your production will result in a wildly positive impact on its quality. K simply gets it. imp source cytotec 200 mg price  “

– Jeffery Wexler, Gaffer

I’ve worked with Ladie K for almost 6 years now and she is a true renaissance woman, a mistress in all forms of arts. Running lines with her in her garage back in 2015 was one of my fondest memories from that year, and I fully support her in all her endeavors. This woman is the gold standard for Chicago artists.

– Corey Crowley, Photographer

 Katharin Mraz aka Ladie K has been one of my favorite models for many years and it was an honor to work with her in my most recent photoshoot. K truly knows what she is doing; she is an absolutely fantastic model, professional, and such a joy to be around. With her classic looks combined with creativity, poise, and talent, anyone who gets to work with her is fortunate.

– Benjamin Scott, Model